Reiki is an energy healing technique from Japan. It consists of placing the caregiver’s hands on the patient’s body. Energy is around us, it is channeled by my body and the patient absorbs the energy he needs.

The energy of Reiki heals, balances and harmonizes the body by reconnecting it to the spirit. It acts psychically, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The effects of a Reiki treatment

At the psychic level      

  • It relieves the state of stress
  •  It makes it easier to let go and to take decisions
  • It helps you to focus, to have clearer ideas
  • It improves the quality of sleep

At the physical level

  • It relaxes and soothes muscular tension
  • It increases the vitality in case of exhaustion, fatigue
  • It relieves pain

At the emotional level

  • It helps to balance the emotions
  • It promotes joy and future prospects
  •  It relieves agitation, sorrows and worries
  •  It helps to overcome and solve fears and problems
  • It soothes nervousness, melancholy and emotional tension
  •  It brings assurance and hope

At the spiritual level

  • He promotes and develops the spiritual consciousness
  • He accompanies in the realization of his faith

Dates and registration

Places Cabinet d’accueil perinatal, 11 route de Chêne, 1207 Geneva

Schedule  Monday: 7 am – 6 pm

Price  150.- chf per 1h15 – aggregated by the Asca All cancellation not made 48h in advance is invoiced.

Dates and registration

At the beginning of the session, an anamnesis is made to define the patient’s needs.

The person who consults for Reiki treatment should be aware of the desire to move forward in his life and is ready for the changes that this treatment can bring. I work in collaboration with the client, the number of sessions depends on the needs, it is reevaluated according to the results. The patient may decide to stop the treatment whenever he wants. During the session, the person is dressed and is usually lying down. It is common to feel warm during the session. The effects are felt during, after and sometimes several days or weeks after the session.

Dates and registration