Post natal yoga

NEW: yoga class after a TRAUMATIC BIRTH

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My classes are supported by some basic and complementary health insurance, inquire directly with them to know your coverage .

Dr. Latha Venkatram, yoga research foundation of Vyasa, Bangalore, India: “After giving birth, this activity is ideal […], for the woman to get back in shape, to allow the overweight accumulated during the pregnancy to disappear thanks to a regular practice (yoga). “Excerpt from the CD” Yoga as therapy “. Post partum yoga is ideal for starting a gentle physical activity with your baby. This course is primarily for mom and baby accompanies you. Yoga is the science of “living well”. It works on all aspects of the person, mainly on the physical, the emotional and the spiritual. It means “unity”, it is derived from Sanskrit “yuj” which means “to join”. The main goals of this course are gradual and gentle fitness and provide emotional, mental, physical and spiritual relaxation. You will feel your body “de-rust” during the sessions. You will re-appropriate your body following the many changes related to pregnancy and childbirth.  Yoga acts on the systems: hormonal, circulatory, nervous, muscular and articular. Yoga practice relieves tension through exercise, breathing and concentration. It brings relaxation of the body and the mind, it relieves physical and psychic tensions.      My training and my midwifery experience offer you much more than just a post-natal yoga class but also and above all a physical and mental relaxation in the post-natal period : cf comments.

Dates et registration

The class is done in french language

Location and schedule  Thursday from 14:15 to 15:45 at the yoga studio, 24 rue Goëtz-Monin, 1205 Geneva

Price  My classes are supported by some basic and complementary health insurance, inquire directly with them to know your coverage  Price: 200.- Chf for 5 classes.

Next registration possible for 5 classes 175.- Chf.  New price from 01.01.2019: 220.-  Also available  Private Course, Yoga Therapy, Yoga Online Therapy

Dates and registration

Muscles and joints

With “asana” or “postures held”, muscles and joints are maintained, become more flexible and relax. The regular practice of “asana” keeps the body in an optimum condition and ensures a good nervous and psychic balance. Breathing  In Sanskrit, “pranayama” is defined as the control of breathing. It helps concentration and provides mental relaxation. It includes two words “prana”: “vital energy” and “ayama”: “expansion, extension”.


balances the breath, purifies the body and mind, develops harmony and inner peace. The goal of this exercise is to bring more oxygen and detoxify your body.


“Bandha” means “to squeeze”. The “moola bandha” is the perineal contraction. This exercise helps to raise awareness, knowledge and control of one’s perineum. It maintains the muscles of the perineum after pregnancy and delivery.  Course schedule  Each session includes the exercises mentioned. At the beginning of the class, there is a mental preparation to forget the day and the worries, in order to devote oneself to the lesson. This course will allow you to practice hatha yoga for you, your baby is invited. If he is awake, he can join us for postures. You can attend this class without your baby. I adapt my class to each session according to your needs and those of your child.

Maximum age for your child

until he walks on four or two legs.  I propose a traditional hatha yoga class. You will have the opportunity to discover new postures, breaths, meditation and concentration if you have taken the prenatal course. You can take this course if you have not practiced yoga during or before the pregnancy. The course can be started 6 weeks after a vaginal delivery and 8 weeks after a caesarean section.


Dates and registration