Ayurvedic massage

From a millennium Indian’s tradition, this massage brings relaxation, it helps the elimination of toxins, it releases the muscular tensions and it decreases the level of stress. After the massage, the women say they are more relaxed and in better shape.  The use of organic vegetable oils certified organic and essential oils certified Hs.E.B.B.D strengthen the anti-stress action. It is a revitalizing care, nourishing and softening.  Virgin oils and essential oils are chosen according to your needs, the mixture is personal and unique.

This massage is for all women who are tired, tensed, stressed or wanting a well-being treatment.  For the women, it helps the proper functioning and balance the different systems of the body.

It helps the future mother to feel happy, peaceful and relaxed. He prepares her for the birth, it helps to relieve her back pain and edema.  After the delivery, it facilitates the evacuation of edema, blood loss and tones the body.

Dates and registration

Places  Cabinet d’accueil perinatal, 11 route de Chêne, 1207 Geneva Schedule  Monday: 7 am – 6 pm  Price  150.- chf per 1h15 All cancellation not made 48h in advance is invoiced.

Dates and registration